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Personal archive: commuting. Berliner Straße.

7 Awesome podcasts to listen to while commuting

Going back-and-forth might get a lot of your time and sometimes you just want to make it as resourceful as you can. So, here’s a list of podcasts to make your commuting more enjoyable and valuable.

There is a staggering waste of time and potential in our daily commutes: 25–30 minutes one way, to be more specific (in EU). Thinking about a Monday to Friday classic job, you have 260 days working per year.

So, you might end up spending around 9,02–10,8 days going back-and-forth.

Of course, you can do that by listening to music, looking at the people in the metro or by over-analyzing your life over and over again. It gets frustrating at some point, I can definitely tell you that (I could actually write a really really long post about this, but hey! we have a solution here, so let’s get over the problem faster).

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Screenshots from my mobile phone (yes, it was late. sorry)

Unless you were living under a rock, you might know that podcasts are quite common nowadays and engaging as well; so here are some nice series to subscribe to:

  • 99% invisible | these guys are amazing! They are tackling all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about: speech bubbles & comics, Sigmund Freud couch, peculiar architecture, objects, cities, visuals and sounds, tech, history and everything in between.
  • Slate|there are plenty of topics covered here, but my favourite is Slate’s Culture Gabfest. If this is not what you were looking for, check the other ones: Amicus; Dear Prudence; Doublex Gabfest; The Gist; Hang Up And Listen; I Have To Ask; Lexicon Valley; Live At Politics And Prose and Mom And Dad Are
  • Stuff you should know | umm… imagine some guys that are easily explaining everything from Discovery Channel (and all the additional satellite channels) Animal Planet, History Channel, National Geo, Arte TV and all the common things in your life & how they should work in a nutshell.
  • The New Yorker | My favourite is the poetry podcast, but you can opt-in for Politics and More; The New Yorker Radio Hour; The Writer’s Voice or Fiction Podcast.
  • Invisibilia | This is a great example of storytelling combined with science. To be more specific, the audio series provided by NPR under this channel is about human behaviour and how this shapes our ideas and it will, definitely, make your life a bit better.
  • Scriptnotes | John August & Craig Mazin are 2 screenwriters who are discussing on a weekly basis about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters: sort of a road from idea crafting, to get sh*t done.
  • WTF | all the cool guys from the US were in this podcast (President Obama included). So, if you wanna listen to Marc Maron in a raw, honest and thought-provoking comedy-ish dialogue with a lot of amazing people (one at a time, tho’) — this might be a great way to spend your half an hour in the metro, bus, train, bike or walk.

The list could be way bigger, but I got tired since it is quite late and I have to commute early in the morning. Also, if you 👏clap👏long enough, I might come back on the (medium) stage with a second article on this. ;)

PS: The commuting stats (and other similar data) can be found here and here.

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