Browser extensions to use as a marketer

Add-ons? Browser extensions? Do you mean those tiny icons that took over my mom toolbar and our browsers when we were teens?

Well, kinda yes! 😊

There are plenty of useful extensions on the chrome market and if you pick them carefully, you will save a lot of time and effort!

Here are my recommendations as a marketer (but it should apply to any curious person out there), split into a few categories.


  1. uBlock Origin — an efficient blocker that can load and enforce thousands of more filters than other popular blockers out there.
  2. Privacy Badger —it will allow you to view and block trackers on websites you browse to control who collects your data. You can also anonymize your browsing by using them.
  3. Specific Analytics tracking blockers: Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on and Hotjar (not an add-on but good to know)


  1. Grammarly — this tool is just amazing and you definitely have to use it. We need more people in the world using proper grammar and spelling. And if you have the money, go premium! Really.
  2. Mailtrack or The Hubspot — you can easily track if your e-mail has been read or not, how many times it was opened by your clients and what device was used. If this scares you, just add Pixelblock and you won’t be tracked if you open e-mails and the sender has a tracking tool. :)
  3. Lightshot — I constantly take screenshots and make notes on them or highlight things. Lightshot is a very simple and fast tool to do the job for you. Each screenshot will be saved on the server and you can share the link on the spot.
  4. Loom — if you are taking screenshots often, then you might need a video recorder at hand as well. It takes only one-click to record and one-click to finish and you have your publicly shareable URL for it.
  5. — your very organised assistant to remind you all the tasks that you have.


  1. SimilarWeb — I am always checking out the competitors, the market, the industry and I am trying to learn something every single time. SimilarWeb helps a lot! You can see website traffic and key metrics for any website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and traffic source.

Of course, adding all of them would be too much, but you can pick the ones that suit you and your needs. Or you can add them all and use the List extension so you can keep them all under one icon. 😊

If you like these recommendations, you can also check my list with Tools to use when you’re writing and another list of stunning tools to make your life at work easier!

Do you have any favourite add-on? Which one and why?

PS: I use the latest Chrome version :)

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