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CVs are almost dead! And here’s why.

CVs & résumés are old-school, plain, time-consuming, and pretty useless for a contemporary job. Here’s how to showcase your experience and skills! Or how to discover them, if you’re a recruiter.

There is more value in people than “Communication. Ability to Work Under Pressure. Decision Making. Time Management. Self-motivation. Leadership. Adaptability” — as the first results in Google show if you search for “skills to add in a CV.”

I know!
Most people will say how this document gives the recruiter a factual & chronological snapshot of your skills/experience to see if you’re suitable for the job.

But is a piece of paper really telling what a person actually can do?
Is an A4 PDF enough to know a person (unless they use comic sans)?

And what if you do not have the experience (hey, millennials!👋) or do not know how to provide your background knowledge in the shape that a recruiter needs for a particular role — even though you do have the skills?

Why not go for a simple form with on-point questions regarding the job itself & use cases?
You will see how they approach their tasks directly, how they speak, or what they think about specific fields or tasks. This is more valuable than a set of skills bullet-pointed in a CV.

Why not add an MBTI/DiSC/5m-personality test in the recruiting process?
This will show you what the person is like, and you can easily figure out if they are a fit with the team, or how they are going to respond in certain situations!

Why not require a portfolio or some value-based substitute (e.g., articles, whitepapers or case studies that apply for the specific job)?
There is nothing like hands-on experience! A portfolio, an article, or just some whitepapers will showcase a lot about their structure, work process, and approach on tasks! Not to mention that lots of millennials do not have a strong background in the job market, but they have the skills to write down something like this.

Whereas in the past employers might have been impressed with the school you went to; nowadays, they should be impressed by how you adapt to the changing tech. To the changing needs of the company’s customers.

And this… this is not taught in any highbrow school.

Working with tech products that always have a cause and solve a problem | Data-Driven Marketer • Strategist • Product & Startup Enthusiast • Occasional Speaker

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