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Here’s why I went for a Marketing career (and turned my back to my Engineering bachelor degree)

Switching from mathematics, physics and chemistry to marketing strategies and tech products. The why, how and what of this change.

💫Each project is a complex challenge and a fun mind game!

As a Communication & Marketing person, I have to get to know the management, the team, the user, the product, the target group.

Meeting everyone is amazing! I learn a lot from everyone every single time, and I also understand the product at its core.

It’s a huge reward to be able to curate and place everyone’s information and thoughts strategically.

🗣I interview the customer, check the customer support questions and answers, look into all the leads’ 📩emails📩 ping-pong for patterns, check out the heat maps and analytics.

Data is magic.
It tells you stories about what people need, what they are looking for, how to communicate.
How to make someone’s life easier.
What makes them happy or which phrases or topics make them uncomfortable and so much more!

💬Review mining

I check the reviews of competitors, of potential competitors, of products that partially solve the problem and the comments and reviews of the books that address the issue I also solve.

I completely love digesting people’s feeling about a partner or a book. Reviews are quite personal most of the times. And this shows you the values of your customers, and you can easily spot if there is a culture fit or clash between you two.

🤓Work with technical people

I actually love to work with tech people and engineers. Having a common background makes everyone’s life easier.

I can easily understand a tech product in terms of algorithms, infrastructure, and logic (due to my mathematics and informatics high school and the technical university years).

And I can use this info to make a more suitable strategy technically-wise as well. And the tech team doesn’t have to spend their time and energy to over-explain things.
Everyone is happy!

Working with tech products that always have a cause and solve a problem | Data-Driven Marketer • Strategist • Product & Startup Enthusiast • Occasional Speaker

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