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Is personal branding more important than performance? Are they different?

Having a strong online image makes you a great expert? Being a bit undercover makes you a bad marketer?

Here are my first questions and I really hope to see your answers in the comments 👇

  • Being a good marketer is having a good online image and a flawless personal brand?
  • What is the difference between performance/reliability and a marketer who keeps talking about how good they are?
  • Which one should be first: the great (and flawless) image or the experience and happy clients?

Carefully think about these (comment them here) and let’s go further to my own theory of work and let’s see how to match them.

Working as a PR at first and now being much of a strategist in marketing, I came to the idea that my job is to make the brand personality and story visible through all the distribution channels. To make the brands achieve their goals through their image and help them use their resources.

I don’t like to be associated with the brand itself — not because I do not believe in it, but because I think that for a customer, the brand should be the first thing to see, not their PR/marketer. The customers should know what’s all the product about, what’s the story behind, the values kicking their motivation and, the most important part, how is this a solution for their problem. Or how is this going to be different than the bunch of other solutions out there?

The customers should be happy with the product or service. And they should trust the brand.

Employees come and go. They do a lot of mistakes. People are biased. And so am I.

What if all the companies that I worked with had me as their image: what happens after I leave? What does the audience think about this? What if they will judge the brand based on my [whatever/ skill/look etc]? What if clients loved me and once I leave the brand won’t be that successful?

The image of a brand should be consistent and independent of a specific person but strategically focused on their performance and market fit.

So, here I am: the girl behind the computer, making a huge excel, talking to everyone, learning about the brand problems, finding solutions and helping them implement/develop by themselves.

This helps their team grow, learn, understand how everything goes, analyse data and find the appropriate content and channels.

By doing this, I make sure that they will see the results and not only understand them but also helps us bond. Bonding gives trust and trust is something that you won’t get with a nicely written contract or excel.

Once everyone is happy and the goal is achieved, I am sending my bill and go on with my projects.

For me, this is enough! I did my best to do something and the client is happy. I’m not using this to make a bunch of publicity (partly because I find it odd and a very strong reason is that I strongly believe in company privacy)

If a brand/product is performing, the ones interested in knowing who made that happen will do their research. Also, the people we work with will recommend us for what we did and for the journey experience, not for the number of ads or $$$.

Of course, a good manager will see the value in such long-term strategic planning and will definitely be open for a long collaboration even after a spike in metrics or after the direction is set.

As said before, I am biased. We all are. So I am back to my question now: is personal branding more important than performance?

I started to think about this quite seriously after some junior marketers were puzzled that I don’t know some very popular marketers (indeed, my bad) and my instant reply/question was: tell some of their projects so I can make a research. And they had no idea (now this was odd!). Being popular and having a strong brand is absolutely great, but that comes with a very strong portfolio and outstanding metrics.

There are tons of people claiming to be great marketers (and this applies to other industries/roles as well), talking about this like there is no tomorrow and praising what they did or discovered for a client. But looking into their work, there was never a long-term collaboration or a campaign that was really successful for the client in terms of real KPIs.

So, here I am: questioning the good and bad marketer and looking for answers from the community.

Nota bene: I am not trying to blame any type of marketer or split them into what some may consider good or bad. It is just a matter of personal strategy and approach at the end of the day. And, of course, there is no success guide to become a stunning expert in the [name your field] — besides: Work. Work a lot. Fail. Learn. Research. Test. Repeat. And I am not claiming to be a superhero in the industry either. 😊

P.S. I wrote this from my phone while having my morning coffee. Please forgive any idiosyncratic typyos.

Working with tech products that always have a cause and solve a problem | Data-Driven Marketer • Strategist • Product & Startup Enthusiast • Occasional Speaker

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