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Life after a harsh resignation

4 months ago I randomly quit my job. Changed the city. Changed everything. Still alive.

I had no idea what I was going to actually do, but well. Here I am, making a follow up.

A lot of people asked me a lot of things after posting my fucks ups story and the biggest curiosity was: wtf happened with you after you left your job? (as written in my giving-up article). I know, both of them sounded like everything was just going to sink.

But, no.

In 4 months I got in a startup, became the CMO, giving some product development input too (which is quite awesome!), went to a few pitching awesome events (i.e. Pirate Summit, How To Web, Idea Challenge) and met great people, got an investment, lost an investment, found a nice house to live in and brought the cat too.

Last time the conclusions were like this: I would say that this is The End, but this is a “work in progress” story. Got some challenges in a new city, the resignation process goes well and I still don’t have a place to stay (no pressure).

So, the end of my new beginning is not a work in progress anymore, but a challenging work in progress. And the best thing that happened to me in the last year(s) was this courage of making a change when everything seems to go low. Which I highly recommend to everyone, of course.

PS: sorry for not writing about Christmas, winter, tips to boost whatever you want while everyone is getting fat — but well, there is plenty of content about these, no worries. :)

This is pretty much it. If you have any recommendations, shoot. If not, click heart!

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