Tools to use when you’re writing

Tools that are making your life easier when you are writing (for you, for a client or just because you can)

  • Keep it short and simple — no matter who is reading, people do not have enough time to scroll more than a few minutes. Also, no matter the field, you have to explain everything as you would speak with your granny.
  • Edit like a motherfucker (Tara Skurtu, a Romanian-American poet said that once, so I keep quote her)
  • Don’t hyphen if you are not sure. It can be tricky.
  • Too simple? Too obvious? It’s finished.

Anyway, the list can continue, but this is not the topic now. Back to the writing tools!

Fortunately, nowdays, we do not need only a typing machine and plenty of ideas to make a text happen. The internet is fast and full of resources. Here are some of them that you might like & use:

This is pretty much it. If you have any recommendations, shoot!

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