Yet, another list of stunning tools to make your life at work easier!

About leadership, motivation and what should keep you alive while having a business or a harsh project in progress, I am not a good advice giver, but I am the (wo)man when it comes to saving time and resources!

Before asking why there is another list of tools on the huge internet, I can only say: oh, well! Working with a lot of people with different backgrounds (IT, design, arts and culture, consultancy, etc) made me use different tools to keep in touch with the clients and the team. Maybe there is something that will fit you and your team as well :)

Extra reason: sharing is caring!

3 tools to manage your team and tasks (not all of them at once, tho’)

  • Jira — not my favourite when it comes to UI/UX, but it is so complex that I am almost expecting it to make me a coffee too.
  • Asana — nice UI/UX, gives you some flexibility and it is easy to work with the team and comment here-and-there.
  • Trello — ok, use this one, only if you need a basic tool. I find it as useful as a bunch of post its on my laptop. Do not get me wrong, post-its are great, but once I reach a high number of them, I just get used to seeing them and never read them.

People are also recommending these, but I never used them, but as far as I check, worth trying them: Idonethis, MeisterTask, Planfix, Futuramo, Monday (this is quite a bad naming, since we all hate Mondays), Flow, Favro, Pivotal Tracker, Google Sheets (seems like sheets keep being the best thing for everything you can imagine in the world).

Side note: Anyway, no matter the tool that you will use, the most effective thing that you can do is to actually talk to your team from time to time. Make some weekly meetings, no longer than 20m (or even stand-up meetings!) to briefly cover what was done, what is blocking someone to go on and what’s next! This might be way more effective than any tool.

Long meetings are boring, broad talks on each topic make other people scroll their Insta or even make an attempt to upload something on Vero, specific topics usually tend to become a 2 people dialogue in a meeting of more and that is useless and the examples can go on in a never-ending list:)

Other tools that I highly recommend to make your life easier! :)

Yes, I know there are sh*t loads of tools out there, but I will stick to some that might be useful for you no matter how many people are in the team (be it 4 or 40) or if you have the budget for third-party services or not.

  • Canva — unless you were living under a rock, you might know them already. It is a great way to create and collaborate on simple design stuff (presentations, reports, social media posts, etc). I highly love it, but it won’t replace a good designer (just so you know!)
  • Moqups — if you are prototyping your product (software, website, whatever), this might be quite a great tool! If you are not, but you need to see and understand how the product idea will be implemented, I highly recommend you to ask your UI/UX designer to use this. It will save you time and money before starting to implement something and, come on! Everyone needs to see an interactive prototype nowadays! :D
  • Planable — a nice tool to create and approve social media content. I would recommend it in case you have some interns to work on this, but you do not trust their content that much. Or if you have some clients from hell that need to know everything before publishing.

Or to avoid this kind of posts 👇

Image for post
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I was planning to mention just a few tools, but the list got long, so I will stop now. You can thank me for this by clapping (a lot) and help me improve the list by leaving a comment about your favourite tool!

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